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Sports Spectrum Devotional - Tuesday, October 10, 2017

What Makes a Great Teammate? 

Whether we participate in sports or not we all have teammates.  At work, in our family, at board meetings, at church, and in many different settings, we are a part of a team.

So what makes a good teammate?  Which traits does one need to possess in order to qualify as a good teammate?  When we think of a good teammate these traits come to my mind:  Someone who makes his or her teammates better, a strong work ethic, selfless, and an encourager. 

In the book of Acts, we learn of a great teammate.  After Paul’s dramatic conversion to Christianity, many people were skeptical of his newfound desire to spread the name of Christ.  Thankfully, there was a man named Barnabas who truly stood up for Paul, encouraged him, and had his back. 

The name Barnabas means, “Son of Encouragement”.  Because of Barnabas encouragement to others, people started calling him Barnabas as opposed to his original name, Joseph.

Throughout Barnabas journey, he was a great teammate and missionary.  Barnabas sold a piece of his land in Cyprus, and used the money he received from this transaction for the Kingdom of God.  Barnabas had a profound impact on the church at Antioch, and helped lead many people to Christ.  Barnabas was a great teammate to Paul, and the Holy Spirit truly worked through their lives as they spread the good news.

When people looked at Barnabas they saw an Encourager.  When people were skeptical of Paul, Barnabas had his back.

When people see you as a teammate, what do they see? 

If people were to give you a nickname, what would it be? 

Kyle Dobyns

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