Summer 2024

Andrew McCutchen says goodbye to Pittsburgh after being traded to the Giants

On Monday afternoon, former NL MVP Andrew McCutchen was traded from the Pittsburgh Pirates to the San Francisco Giants.

The gold glove centerfielder played his entire 9 year career with the Pirates. After the news came down, Cutch, took to twitter to thank the fans that cheered him on in Pittsburgh.

“Pittsburgh. My Home. My Fans. My City. The place that raised me and helped mold me into the man I am today. You will 4ever be in my heart. A tip of the cap to all who have been on this journey with me. With Love and respect, Cutch.”

McCutchen then sent a second tweet saying he was ready to get started with his new team.

“Now … I’m a Giant! I’ve always enjoyed watching the success of the SF Giants and I look forward to being a part of more this season. Can’t wait to meet my new teammates and fans. This is just the beginning ….”

Check out Andrew’s video sharing about why loving and serving others is the best way to be Christlike.

“I’m the messenger. I’m just trying to make his name known,” McCutchen told Sports Spectrum in 2016. “That’s fine to just be able to show others, to just love them, anyway that you can.”

You can watch McCutchen’s full testimony and how he became a follower of Christ, below.