Summer 2024

Football Sunday 2018: Josh McCown on Serving

New York Jets quarterback Josh McCown just finished his 15th season in the NFL, throwing a career-high 18 touchdowns. He’s featured in the upcoming video “Football Sunday 2018” and he talked about what it means to serve others.

“The heart of serving begins when you believe so much in what you’ve surrendered to that you are willing to give up yourself to make sure others have that too. Jesus came so that we would know the Father. If we are going to be a ransom for people, we need to be willing to say, ‘Whatever it takes for you to have peace and a connection with God, I’ll do that.’ If that means giving someone a smile, I’ll do that. If it means giving of my time and resources, I’ll do that. That small act of service might just be the thing that person needs to point them to know Jesus.”

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