From the Archives: Quiet Thunder

Since he was drafted in 2007 by the Seattle SuperSonics, Kevin Durant quickly became a household name — but that may not have always been what he wanted.

Outside of the spotlight of the NBA playoffs, Durant lives a surprisingly humble and quiet life. Compared to some of the larger egos surrounding him in the NBA — especially in the Conference Finals today — Durant prefers less of the fanfare and spotlight.

Despite this less outspoken approach, however, Durant’s teammates have attested to his strong leadership and accountability. Durant has developed a deep appreciation of life as he’s recognized that any day, his career — all the fame, fortune and praise associated with being one of the top players in the league — could be taken away.

Click HERE to finish reading our Spring 2011 feature story on Kevin Durant. Durant and the Thunder will continue their quest for an NBA title as they face the Golden State Warriors in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals on Friday.