Sports Spectrum Daily Devotional - Tuesday, March 26, 2019

“Then Jesus declared, ‘I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to Me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in Me will never be thirsty.’” — John 6:35

His Kind of Normal

I want to challenge you to challenge those around you to be accountable to fact that the only thing that’s certain in uncertain times is Jesus. I want more of Him. I want Him to show up. Why can’t the Acts church be here now? That’s not some theological assent question, but just a reality I want to see. Don’t you? Prayer and fasting is a combination the enemy doesn’t want.

As an athlete, we don’t think about fasting because we’re in need of refueling all the time. Maybe it’s fasting from Facebook, TV, movies, late nights. You make the call! When was the last time you ate less, and savored more? It’s time to be desperate people. Why? Because there is one thing that still holds true: Desperate people do things the satisfied don’t or won’t attempt.

What’s holding you back from being desperate for Him? Do you have an injury that’s not healing right? Will the stock market have to completely crash for Him to get our attention? Will a sickness or death bring about a contemplative mindset to really check out what God has for us, or will we just get after God right now? Is our private time in the Word and prayer an afterthought, or is it our main course for the day?

Jesus is the Bread of Life. When He shows up, do we see Him? Do we feast on Him? Hunger and thirst for righteousness, for you will be filled, He says. Jesus wants us to see Him. Are you looking for His kind of normal?

Jean-Rene Tassy

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