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Sports Spectrum Daily Devotional: Wednesday, August 28, 2019

“I have hidden Your Word in my heart…” — Psalm 119:11

Calling Audibles

When the quarterback breaks the huddle, he comes out with a specific play in mind. But as he gets under center, he may recognize that the defense already has the play figured out. He will then quickly audible to his offensive line, receivers and running back to change the play. The idea is that the QB hopes the new play catches the defense off guard.

But where does the quarterback get ideas for these audibles? Certainly he can’t bring the entire playbook on the field, nor does he have enough time to check with his offensive coordinator in that moment. Instead, he just has several different plays memorized so he can call a play best suited for a particular defense.

As Christians, we have a playbook given to us by the One who knows all the right plays in every circumstance. No matter which one of Satan’s defenses (despair, condemnation, temptation) are thrown our way, we know we have a loving God who has given us instruction through His Word and promises.

God’s playbook never fails and it actually changes our heart when we continually study and memorize it.

When those difficult circumstances come our way, we need to call an audible from God’s Word. If we study and memorize the Bible, we can apply the Word to any situation.

— Geoff Henderson

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