Sports Spectrum Daily Devotional: Thursday, October 10, 2019

“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel…” — Romans 1:16

Be Bold

A few weeks ago, the Chicago Bears found themselves down by one point and less than 30 seconds to go in the game. Up to this point, the Bears defense had played a great game, but their offense was stagnant and could only put up one touchdown and two field goals.

But suddenly, Chicago found itself in field goal range with 1 second left on the clock. Stepping to the forefront was kicker Eddy Pineiro, the 24-year-old kid from Florida who is in his first full NFL season.

Pineiro booted a 53-yard field goal with no time left to give the Bears their first victory of the season. His teammates surrounded him in joy and celebrated. But it was in a postgame interview immediately after that the young kicker recognized the platform he had been given.

“Thank God that it was to this point, and for everybody listening, man, if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ you better start, because He’s real. I promise you that,” he said.

Many people have criticized Pineiro for what he said because he had just made the kick of his life. But those that know Eddy say he would have said the same thing if he had missed that kick — glorifying God win or lose.

Pineiro lived unashamed in that moment, and recognized he was on a big stage and still able to point people back to the one that gave him life, Jesus Christ.

Today, remember Pineiro’s example and live unashamed. When God gives you a platform, big or small, use it to glorify Him.

Jason Romano, Sports Spectrum Podcast host

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