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Sports Spectrum Daily Devotional: Friday, December 13

“Then He said to His disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.’” — Matthew 9:37


I have played both basketball and baseball/softball at times in my life, and I can certainly tell you that any time I found myself riding the bench, I was not happy about it. As you see your friends and teammates being involved in the game, playing and having fun, you crave and desire to be out there with them, to be playing in the game you love so much.

It’s a shame that Christians don’t feel the same way about serving the Lord who gave His life for them. Sadly, there are thousands of Christians who are completely satisfied to do nothing for God or for the cause of Christ. They continue living their lives in their own little world, caring nothing to get involved with the things of God and with the needs of the Church as opportunities arrive.

The Lord has much work for us to do and we will be judged on our service, or lack of service, to our God. God did not save any of us to sit on the bench, but He wants us to get in the game and get involved — to serve Him, the local church and the community for the cause of Christ. Don’t be satisfied or content to be a benchwarmer for the Lord, get off the bench and get in the game, for there is definitely a position for you to fill. Matthew 9:37 tells us that there is much work to be done for the Lord, but not many are doing it.

Seek God about the position He would have you play. Remember, God doesn’t like benchwarmers on His team. Get in the game!

Jason Belcher

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