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Daily Devotional: Thursday, August 12 - Be A Caleb

“Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, ‘We should go up and take possession of the land, for we certainly can do it.'” — Numbers 13:30

From this Bible verse today, we learn about Caleb’s courage, faith, confidence and positive attitude. Earlier in Numbers 13, we read that Moses has selected one leader from each tribe for a special assignment. These 12 men were given the responsibility to go check out the land of Canaan, the land God promised to His people.

Caleb represented the tribe of Judah and he was one of the men given this responsibility. These 12 men spend 40 days on their secret mission of spying out and exploring the land. As they return, they give the report that the land is good. They even bring back some of the fruit and explain to Moses and the Israelite nation that this land indeed is flowing with milk and honey.

As they continue giving their report, they slip in a three-letter word: “BUT.” This word precedes the doubt and fear as they explain their “BUT.” In verse 28 they begin to explain: But the people who live there are very powerful. But the people are huge. But they are strong. But their cities have fortified walls. The Israelites’ eyes are focused on what they see, rather than on who God is.

Basically, this group of men says it will be too difficult to overtake these people and inherit this land. It will be too hard. We cannot do this. We are not strong enough and not equipped to handle such a big task.

But then verse 30. Oh, verse 30. I can see Caleb’s face and imagine what’s going on in his mind as he is listening to the other 11 spies. Like them, he realizes it will be difficult. He was there for 40 days with them. He saw first-hand the city walls and the giants who lived there. But he had enough of their negative attitude and basically said, “Shut up! We can do this!”

The Bible says he silences the people and then gives this quick motivational and positive pregame speech. It’s very short and to the point: “We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.” I love and admire Caleb’s courage to take a stand. To speak up while every other spy is focusing on the negative and having a “we can’t do this” attitude. Caleb is bold and positive. He is telling Moses and the people we CAN do this. God’s got this. This is the land He has promised for us. Let’s go. We can do it. No need to be afraid. God will be with us.

The people cry back, “We cannot. They’re too big and too strong.” The people even compare themselves to grasshoppers. They are focused on the obstacle, the problem, the trial, the issue. But Caleb’s faith, trust and confidence is in the Lord. He knows that all things are possible with God. This was the land that He promised to His people and it was time to claim it.

We need more Calebs — men and women who aren’t afraid to make a stand. Men and women who have the courage and confidence to do what God wants them to do, even when “giants” surround them; even when obstacles and difficulties seem to be in the way.

Also note that Caleb tells Moses, “We can certainly do this.” He knew the “we” included God Almighty. That should encourage us to stay positive, have courage, put our faith in God and claim what He has for us.

— Jim Good

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