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Daily Devotional: Friday, November 19 - Do It the Right Way

“A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” — Proverbs 22:1

Buster Posey made me a fan of baseball. Yes, it’s true. I didn’t care for the sport until a young rookie from Georgia helped take his major league team to the World Series 11 years ago and win it all with a maturity far beyond his years. I know I was not the only one impressed by Posey’s composure and character, and should not have been surprised to find out, sometime later, that he came from a grounded, Christian family.

Over the last decade, I’ve watched him give Giants fans and lovers of baseball many thrilling moments, but perhaps the thing that’s been the most admirable is the way he’s done it. From the start of his career, there’s been a consistency about his values and the way he carries himself that’s drawn the respect of fans and players alike.

Just like everyone else, I was shocked to hear the recent news that Buster has decided to walk away from the game and start a new chapter in his life. And I’ll be honest, this retirement is a hard one for me. But perhaps the most touching thing to witness since the news broke is the incredible respect and fond tributes from all faiths, ideologies and backgrounds that have poured in — reporters, players and fans describing how they were impacted positively by this humble catcher and his career. More so than his stats and his talent, it’s his heart and his kindness that people remember.

Many suspect Posey will end up in Cooperstown, and I think that would be well-deserved, but what I hope stays forever with people is the way he set the tone on how to live your life well — on and off the field. At his retirement press conference, he was asked about his legacy, and his answer was simple: What he wants to be remembered for is faith, family and how he treated people. That’s more important to him than anything else. Vintage Buster. And, in a way, he’s leaving the game just like he came — quietly and without fanfare.

There’s an old poem that reads in part:

“It’s not if you won or lost that counts
But how you played the game.”

What I’ll remember most about Posey is the fact that, in all the years he played, he never changed who he was or what he stood for. He was the same Buster at the end of his career as at the beginning, and the influence he had on many people as a man of character will supersede any accomplishment he had on the field.

Buster Posey’s career is a reminder to us all of what building a winning life looks like. It’s not so much the stats on paper or the moments you spent in the spotlight that matter, as it is the the things you did when nobody else was watching. The way you honored God in how you handled yourself. The choices you made that kept your integrity intact. The intentionality with which you made others feel loved.

Doing what you do in the right way and for the right reasons is where your real investment lies.


Everything else is just a byproduct.

— Katherine Singer

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