Summer 2024

Daily Devotional: Wednesday, June 15 - Peace With Others

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” — Romans 12:18

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Have you ever had someone in your life that just drives you crazy? Of course you have and so have I. There are certain personalities or personality traits that just rub me wrong, and I’m sure there are times when my personality rubs others the wrong way.

When I played pro baseball, we had a phrase we often used during the course of a season. We would say, “You can choose your friends in the offseason.” What did we mean by that? When individuals are thrown together on a team, there isn’t a choice as to who your teammates will be. People from different cultures, backgrounds and with many different personality traits are put together on the team. We have to find a way to navigate how to get along and gel together as we compete for the common purpose of winning. During pro baseball’s offseason we could go home and hang with those we truly wanted to, but during the season you have to play the hand you are dealt.

When we have peace with God it is easier to have peace with others. Romans 12:18 teaches us that as much as it depends on us, not others, we are to be at peace with everyone. It doesn’t mean we need to compromise our witness, or that it will even be possible to be at peace with everyone, but we need to make the effort.

Are you known as a person of peace?

— Mickey Weston, Chicago White Sox chaplain 

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