Daily Devotional: Friday, September 23 - Keep Your Word

“All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.” — Matthew 5:37

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When professional athletes sign a new contract with a team, they are making a commitment. By signing that contract, they are now expected to stick to it and all that it entails, meaning they show up for practices and games and perform at their best.

Life is full of commitments. When you commit to another person in marriage, you are committing to them for life. On a smaller scale, when a friend asks to go to a movie and you agree, you are committing to spending time with that friend.

When we make a commitment, big or small, we must stick to our word. The Lord is always committed to His Word, and we should strive to be committed to our words as well. When we make a commitment, we need to follow through.

It’s important for others to see Christ in us, even in the commitments we make. Often, people will trust a Christian before they trust God. When you do your best to be like Jesus, people will notice and want to know more about you. That gives us the chance as Christians to share the Gospel.

Sticking to our commitments is difficult in a world with so many options. Whether it’s choosing between hanging out with your family or your friends, there are so many choices. But when we commit to an option, we must stick to it. By sticking to a commitment, we are showing others one small part of who Jesus is. He is the God who sticks to His Word, and His Word is everlasting and unchanging.

— Madison Thacker 

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