Daily Devotional: Wednesday, November 30 - The Impulse To Flee

“The LORD is in his holy temple; the LORD is on his heavenly throne. He observes everyone on earth; his eyes examine them.” — Psalm 11:4

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When the wickedness of this world seems to be winning, the natural impulse in most of us is to run away and hide. We often want to avoid any assaults that may come our way on account of our living an upright and uncompromising life of faithfulness to God. So when our faith is tested or opposed by others, we are tempted to flee to the mountains like a bird.

But David declares, “Why would I run like this when I know better? Why would I run like this when I know to take refuge in the Lord?”

In Psalm 11, David gives us insight for those times when we experience the impulse to flee from conflict. He reminds himself that the Lord is still seated upon His Heavenly throne, in complete control over all conflicts we may face. He reminds himself that conflicts can also be opportunities to prove that our loyalty and faith in our God is genuine. And he reminds himself that the Lord loves those who love Him and who desire to behold His face.

When we fix our eyes upon our Lord and gaze in love at His goodness, we resist the impulse to flee. We take on a calm patience that is fueled by a resolved confidence in God. We refuse to run from our fears and stand firm in our faith instead.

— Terry Evans, Atlanta Braves chaplain

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