Sports Spectrum Magazine Summer 2021

NEW PODCAST: Don Christensen - Financial Advice During the Coronavirus


Don Christensen is the Executive Vice President of the Professional Athlete Division of Ronald Blue Trust.

As part of the pro athlete division, Christensen and his team assist professional athletes in building their wealth, giving generously, and managing their financial resources wisely. Through his 30-plus years of personally working with pro athletes and their families, he has learned how to help them navigate the financial, marital and personal pitfalls that professional athletes face today. Ronald Blue Trust serves more than 100 active and retired players and coaches across the MLB, NFL, NBA, PGA, NASCAR and NCAA.

Prior to joining Ron Blue, Christensen owned a public accounting and financial planning firm. He earned his bachelors in accounting from Arizona State University and received his master’s degree in Christian leadership from Western Seminary.

Christensen is a also a pastor and serves as a mentor to leaders at a local church in Tempe, Ariz. He serves on various boards, including Baseball Chapel, Endurance and Pro Athletes Outreach.

On this episode of the podcast, we talk to Christensen about the financial climate in America right now with the coronavirus outbreak, if it is time for us to panic from a financial perspective, how we can continue to be cheerful givers, and financial advice for people in all walks of life during these uncertain times.

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