Summer 2024

From the Archives: The One That Didn't Get Away

1004070_10151715334119730_1499042252_nThe dawn, like a silent alarm, announces the new day. As the bashful sun peeks above the horizon, giant shadows are cast across the still waters of Lake Truman. Rick Sutcliffe admires the beauty of that Missouri morning and unconsciously locks it away for later enjoyment.

With the sun at his back, Rick cocks the fishing rod over his shoulder and whips it forward in one graceful motion, sending his lure spinning through the air toward some unknown target. Satified with his effort, he begins to reel in the bait, hoping to interest a hungry bass in a free breakfast. The fish aren’t biting, however; only the mosquitoes are. but Rick doesn’t mind. The sun is just as warm, the moment just as special…

Click HERE to read the remainder of our story former Major League Baseball pitcher Rick Sutcliffe in our July/August 1985 issue, when Sports Spectrum was called Sports Focus.