Carlos Beltran to interview for New York Yankees manager position

Recently retired outfielder Carlos Beltran will interview for the New York Yankees manager position on Wednesday, according to SiriusXM’s Steve Phillips. The position has been vacant since the team let Joe Girardi go on Oct. 26.

Beltran, 40, retired earlier this month after a 19-year career in the majors and expressed his interest in the Yankees’ skipper opening.

“With the experience that I have in the game of baseball, the times I’ve played, different teams that I’ve played for, I’ve gotten to see different ways to do things in the clubhouse and for the players,” Beltran said earlier this month to “How to motivate them, how to impact them in a way where they continue to improve. I would love that opportunity, for sure.”

Beltran has a history with the Yankees, playing for them from 2014 to 2016. His leadership skills are what stood out to Yankees general manager Brian Cashman.

“He was someone that people gravitated to in the clubhouse,” Cashman told during the General Managers Meetings in Orlando. “I think managers, coaches or front offices could rely on him kind of directing things in a positive way, keeping the ship steered in the right direction from a player’s standpoint.”

Beltran’s leadership qualities were exhibited off the diamond this season. After Hurricane Maria ripped through his homeland of Puerto Rico in September, he started a fundraising campaign, raising more than $1.5 million toward hurricane relief efforts.

It’s one of the many ways Beltran has displayed the hope he has in Jesus Christ.

“I really believe we can do everything in the name of Jesus Christ,” Beltran told Sports Spectrum in 2005. “The way I see it, everything that we do is for God. In our life, there is nothing as important as Him. The only thing that really matters is our faith. I feel He put me here for a reason. Every time I take the field, I tell Him, ‘I’m doing this in Your name.’ When I want to accomplish things I feel like I can. But it’s not for myself, but for Him and his glory.”

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