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Giants' top prospect Tyler Beede says Christ controls his future

Tuesday, April 10, 2018, is a big day in the life of Tyler Beede.

The San Francisco Giants top pitching prospect is getting his shot at the show, making his Major League Baseball debut tonight at AT&T Park against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Beede, 24, was the Giants’ first-round selection in 2014. After spending last season in Triple-A with Sacramento, the Giants announced Monday night after their 2-1 loss to Arizona that Beede would be called up and make his debut on the mound with San Francisco.

In February, Beede and his wife Allie, an actress in Hollywood, joined us on the Sports Spectrum podcast to talk about their faith and how they stay grounded in Christ as they both work in jobs that are about performance and evaluation.

“We’re in two tough industries that have a lot of rejection,” Beede said. “Just when we can remain solid in our faith and know what God says about us and the truth that He has written for us in his word, it helps us get through those tough times because we’re human and we’re susceptible to what others say about us.”

Beede says his journey to faith began when he met his wife, but it wasn’t until December 2014 when he attended a Christian baseball conference that he said yes to God and was baptized.

“I just felt so strongly to outwardly express my love for Christ and I did that through the baptism here in 2014. I just felt so compelled to give my life to Christ and from there it was sort of baby steps. You think right when you give your life to Christ that it’s going to be all perfect and glorious and things will go your way, but it’s just like learning how to walk as a baby and I’ve had to kind of walk through that process with Allie.”


Beede has said now that he’s married, they’ve been able to encourage each other and keep each other accountable in their walk with the Lord.

“We make sure that it’s a priority that we pray every night before bed, that we make sure we prioritize our Bible studies. We just know that we don’t need to have it be a spouse-centered relationship, but a God-centered relationship,” he said.

Tyler Beede’s first MLB pitch tonight is at 10:15 p.m. ET as the Giants and Diamondbacks battle in the second of a three-game series. 

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