Summer 2024

Tim Tebow discusses 'greatest trade in history of the world' in Easter Sunday sermon

As Christ-followers around the world on Sunday celebrated Easter and Christ’s victory over death, Passion City Church — a large multi-campus church in Atlanta pastored by Louie Giglio — welcomed former NFL quarterback and current baseball player Tim Tebow to deliver a special sermon.

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Part of the theme for Tebow’s message was that God has orchestrated the greatest trade in the history of the world: humanity’s sin for Christ’s righteousness. When believers are in Christ, they are free to release the burdens of the world and experience the joy of God’s presence for eternity.

“You want to understand the best part of the trade? [It’s] that it’s free. Is that it’s a gift. Is that it’s not about how good we are. It is not about how much money we have. It is not about what we bring to the table,” Tebow said in a portion of the sermon he posted on Twitter. “It is about what Jesus did on the cross. It is the free gift of eternal life, meaning you cannot work for it. You cannot pay for it. It is the free gift.

“But I got to tell you something else. It’s free to us, but it wasn’t free to Jesus. You see, it cost Jesus everything.”

Tebow told his listeners that God’s love for His children is a love that will never be broken.

“Jesus was forsaken on the cross so you don’t have to be. … Jesus’ bond with you never has to be broken. That’s why God turned His back. That’s why we need to understand what happened on the cross; why Jesus loved us so much, how Jesus loved us so much, because Jesus loved us so much,” Tebow said.

“It wasn’t just that Jesus experienced physical pain. It wasn’t just the sin of the world, which I can’t even imagine. But it was a perfect relationship that He was willing to sever because He wants the relationship with you that will never be severed. That’s why Easter is so amazing.”

Tebow has been one of the most outspoken Christ-followers for years, dating back to his collegiate days as a two-time BCS national champion (2006, 2008) and a Heisman Trophy winner (2007) while he was the quarterback at the University of Florida.

After one of the most decorated college football careers in recent memory, Tebow was drafted with the 25th overall pick by the Denver Broncos in 2010. He played three NFL seasons: two with the Broncos and one with the New York Jets.

In 2016, Tebow expressed interest in pursuing a baseball career. He signed with the New York Mets organization in September 2016 and has played with the team’s minor-league affiliates since. Tebow spent last season with the Triple-A Syracuse Mets while aiming for his first major-league promotion.

He is also active as a broadcaster covering college football and as a filmmaker, producing faith-based films.

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