North Carolina State baseball player DeAngelo Giles shares testimony, strives to 'represent God's Kingdom'

EDITOR’S NOTE: NCSU baseball player DeAngelo Giles reached out to Sports Spectrum simply with a desire to use his platform to the fullest. He felt the Lord put it on his heart to share his testimony publicly, and we’re more than happy to help him do that. Here’s his story.

I first want to start this off by saying that writing this has been something God has laid on my heart for quite some time now. I am a college baseball player at North Carolina State University. Baseball is what I do, but baseball is not who I am.

As I began to think of the best way to tell my story, I wanted to make sure I was able to encourage and help others through their walk with Christ. I don’t know the impact that reading this story may have on others, but I think it is important to put it out there.

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I grew up in a Christian household and both of my parents were very strong believers. I was taught from a young age about God. However, some of my experiences both in baseball and life have helped shift my perspective and my purpose. As I have matured and grown closer to God, I have learned a lot about my own identity as well as my perspective of God.

DeAngelo Giles

North Carolina State’s DeAngelo Giles (Photo courtesy of DeAngelo Giles)

I have played baseball ever since I can remember. I have a passion and love for the game that makes me enjoy every opportunity I get to be on the field. But baseball is a game of failure — and one that can truly beat you up if you allow it. In earlier parts of my career, a bad play or at-bat would completely send my mind into the depths. This led to thinking and feeling the worst after games, and feeling as though my hard work had been for nothing, or that I would never be able to reach my goals of competing at the highest level.

As I have grown in my walk with Christ, I have been able to better understand and separate my identity (specifically in Christ) from the things I do. Regardless of the results on the field, I know that I can have a larger impact on my teammates, family and friends by the way I handle both success and adversity. If I have a bad game, do I take that with me after the game and treat the people I love the most poorly? Or do I learn from what happened, move on, and reflect something much bigger?

The game of baseball has taught me a lot about myself and life. I want this passion of mine as a platform for something much bigger. I want to reflect something much larger than myself. Playing with the understanding that it is not just about yourself can give you an entirely new perspective and focus. Whatever sport you play, whatever company you work for, whatever school you go to, God has a specific purpose and reason for you being there.

It’s important to understand that what you do does not define you, but it does provide you with an opportunity to represent God’s Kingdom.

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