Summer 2024

Viral fan video claims Jeremy Lin received unfair treatment

Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin has been a target as of late — in more ways than one.

A Youtube video, featured below, was recently released by an NBA fan, documenting several instances where Lin seemed to be fouled hard but didn’t get a foul call from the referees. The video shows several examples, comparing and contrasting them with flagrant fouls called in the favor of other NBA players.

The video went viral and resulted in public response from NBA fans around the world, expressing a variety of different opinions on the issue. Many thought Lin may have been discriminated against by the referees and were angered by the video’s evidence.

Lin, however, took a different stance on the video. Instead of being angered by his treatment, in terms of foul calls, Lin’s only desire was to keep doing what he’s been doing — playing his best for the One who gave him his abilities.

“I’m thankful for all the experiences because I think through it all, I’ve been able to really just tune everybody out, the good and the bad, and I think the one thing that I can hold onto is I feel like I did things the way God would want me to do things,” the 27-year-old Charlotte Hornets point guard told the Charlotte Observer. “… I try to hold myself and live with high character in a way that God would be proud.”

To read the full article via The Gospel Herald, click HERE. Lin and the Hornets fell to the Miami Heat in seven games in the first round of the 2016 Eastern Conference Playoffs.