Summer 2024

Warriors Kevin Durant pays for first year of college tuition for Bay Area students

Kevin Durant is one of the most dominant basketball players of his time. Since arriving in the NBA in 2007, he has played in three NBA Finals, was the 2014 NBA MVP and the 2017 NBA Finals MVP. With two more wins this year in the Finals, Durant will become a two-time NBA champion.

But Durant recognizes his platform and the opportunity to help others, and recently, through the Boys & Girls Clubs of Peninsula in the San Francisco area, four students learned that the Warriors star forward would be paying for their first year of college tuition.

Joselin Quinteros, Magali Pineda, Dezmond Frazier and Alycia Demery of East Palo Alto, Calif., were the four students who will have their tuition paid for by Durant.

In an ESPN feature, Durant said he simply feels called to be a part of something larger than himself and saw this as an opportunity to give back.

“It’s something I always dreamt about and always wanted to be a part of something special outside of myself so I’m glad I could be able to help,” Durant told ESPN. “It feels like I’m doing something good in the world when I can help someone else out.”

Watch the entire ESPN feature below:

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