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Football Sunday 2018: Demario Davis on Seeking God

New York Jets linebacker Demario Davis had a career year in his 6th season in the NFL. He led the Jets with 135 tackles, which was sixth-best in the league. On and off the field, Davis finds it crucial to seek the Lord in his daily life as a believer in Christ. In the upcoming video “Football Sunday 2018” he talks about why it’s important to seek God everyday.

“As Christ-followers, we need to be continually seeking God. Look to God for guidance and strength in every situation of life. Look for God in your marriage, as you raise your children, in your career, in your community. Every morning when we wake up, we have to seek God’s face and say, ‘God, I need you to guide every step that I take because when I walk out of these doors, the world and Satan are going to be busy. God, I need to be able to see You.’ There is freedom when we look at Him to be our strength.”

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