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CBS Sports host James Brown says his faith in Christ is central to everything he does

If you watched CBS’ AFC Championship game pregame show on Sunday, you saw James Brown front and center as the lead host. JB has been a legend in the broadcasting business for over 30 years and is one of the most famous sports broadcasters in the country.

JB’s faith in strong and recently he appeared on the Harry show with Harry Connick Jr and was asked about how his faith has impacted him in his career and his personal life.

“It (my faith) is central to everything that I do,” Brown told Connick on his show. “I began a deep search for it and to me I clearly understood. Truth is the word of God. For me, Joshua 1:8 is the perfect definition of what good success is. Psalm 32:8 talks about God being able to see the end from the beginning. So who else would you want guiding you is a person or the spirit sees the end from the beginning? And finally Psalm 75:6-7 talks about where promotion comes from. Promotion doesn’t come from the east or the west or the south, it is God, he is the judge. He puts down one and sets up another, so that’s how I guide my life.”

Brown’s faith in Christ was front and center in a podcast interview he did with us back in June of 2017.

“I want to truly learn more about Him,” Brown said. “I want to be an excellent apologist for Him. I want to learn to pray but part of prayer life is listening. I want to make sure I’m hearing Him.”

Click below to listen to the entire interview with James Brown and Jason Romano.


JB will also be hosting Football Sunday this year for us. Over 1500 churches will be showing the sermon replacement as an outreach on Super Bowl Sunday. Brown will be joined by players from the Eagles, Jets and Patriots as learn to seek, serve and surrender to Christ.

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