Football Sunday 2018: Kelvin Beachum on Surrendering your life to God

New York Jets left tackle Kelvin Beachum just finished his 6th season in the NFL. A seventh round pick with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2012 NFL Draft, Beachum started every game for the Jets helping to solidify the offensive line.

He’s featured in the upcoming video “Football Sunday 2018” where he talked about the importance of surrendering your life to God.

“I used to be living a double life. I showed up to all the Christian events on campus but nobody really knew who I was. I knew the way of Christ, but I didn’t want to live that way; I wanted to do my own thing. There are things that I did in my past that should have brought me to jail, but by the grace of God, He opened my eyes and turned my life around. God really saved me from myself and since I’ve now fully surrendered to Him, my life has radically changed.”

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