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Football Sunday 2018: Chris Maragos on Surrendering to God

Philadelphia Eagles safety Chris Maragos has made his name as one of the top special teams players in the NFL. In his 8th season, Maragos has notched 11 tackles this season and has led the Eagles in special team tackles since 2014.

His inspiring story is featured in the upcoming video “Football Sunday 2018” where he talked about what it means to surrender your life to God.

“So many people look at the word ‘surrender’ as a sign of weakness, but it reality, it’s more of a sign of entrusting. We have the opportunity to surrender to something that we actually gain from. When you surrender your will, you’re done living the rat race of trying to fulfill and satisfy yourself, and in turn the Lord gives you peace, joy and a purpose. It also gives you the opportunity to edify and help grow those around you. And the true reward is that we get to spend eternity with Him, and that’s what we long for.”

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