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Russell Wilson, Tauren Wells, Stephen Curry discuss faith amid pandemic on Instagram

Earlier this week, quarterback Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks went live on Instagram, splitting the screen with famous Christian artist Tauren Wells. For an hour, the two stars discussed faith in the face of a global coronavirus pandemic.

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Among a number of topics, the pair mentioned how believers can honor God through service to others during this difficult time. Wilson and his wife, Ciara, have already pledged to donate 1 million meals to Seattle families.

“There are two realities, and I’m trying to point people’s eyes to that [Heavenly] reality,” Wells said during the chat. “[The Apostle] Paul said we are citizens of Heaven and that we should conduct ourselves as citizens of Heaven, giving love and compassion to one another.”

Wells later added, “God is coming through and showing Himself faithful in these small ways … It’s a natural thing right now to be fearful. It’s a natural thing right now to worry. But I just want to remind people that the truth is greater than the facts. That the truth of God’s Word, that the reality of Jesus, is more real than the experience that we have in our everyday life.”

Wilson spoke about the importance of praying for others, not simply for yourself and your desires.

“We need to pray more,” he said. “Just spend that quality time praying for one another.”

About 20 minutes into the video, Wells grabbed a guitar and was about to begin singing when two-time NBA MVP and Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry joined the video. Curry is also a devout man of faith. Ten minutes later, Wilson FaceTimed Curry from his phone and welcomed him to the conversation.

“I’ve been listening the whole time, y’all are speaking some truth, man,” Curry said. “I appreciate y’all being bold about it.”

Curry encouraged listeners to recognize the good that God is doing through tragic circumstances.

“Being able to have a perspective that’s refreshed in terms of the people in our lives that need prayer, that need that phone call, that text. To be honest, there is no more excuse of ‘Oh, I’m busy,'” Curry said. “It’s about being truly selfless in a way that Jesus would have us. And to be able to be that village for whoever needs us.”

After Curry’s cameo appearance, Wilson and Wells continued to reflect on God’s faithfulness and goodness while Wells interspersed the discussion with some of his hit songs. The pair concluded the video with a time of prayer.

“Jesus, thank You for who You are,” Wilson prayed. “We’re in some valleys right now. We’re all going through different stuff — anxiety, worry, stress and pain and frustrations … God, I pray that You do the miracles that You’re known for. I pray that we have faith, unrelenting faith, in what You’re going to do … I thank You for love. I thank You for forgiveness. I thank You for joy. I thank You for the peace that You give us, Father God. I thank You for Your sacrifice. You took nails in Your hands and nails in Your feet and thorns in Your head, for all of us.”

Wells closed the prayer by praying for Wilson and Ciara, as well as the medical professionals, government officials and pastors who have ministered to their congregations during this time.

“We believe that You can change things through our prayers, so we’re trusting in You. We’re depending on You,” he said.

Watch the full hour-long video here:

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