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Gordon Hayward's Dad says God still has big plans for his son despite horrific ankle injury

Gordon Hayward suffered one of the more horrific injuries you’ll ever see an athlete face on Tuesday Night.

Six minutes into the 2017 NBA season, Hayward went up for an alley-oop and when he came down, something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong. His ankle was dislocated. Doctors and medical staff came to his aid and took him off on a stretcher.

Fellow NBA players and other athletes around the sports world offered their support for Gordon on twitter, but it was a particular tweet from his own Dad that may have offered the most encouragement.

Gordon’s Dad, Gordon Sr, said he appreciated everyone reaching out with their prayers and encouragement.

“We know that Gordon will be fine & God has big plans for him!”

He finished his tweet with the hashtag #Godisgoodallthetime.

Hayward’s wife also posted to Instagram on Wednesday morning a message that her husband will overcome this and come back stronger than ever.

“This is an obstacle that he’s more than ready to overcome. Keep praying for him though he needs some lovin!”

The Hayward family have a strong faith, that has carried down to their NBA son, as detailed in this Sports Spectrum article from 2010.

NCAA Closeup — Gordon Hayward

Join us in continuing to pray for Gordon Hayward and a speedy recovery from his fractured ankle.