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30+30+30: How Pro-Athlete Wives Are Mobilizing for Safe Water

Just 30 days, 30 minutes of movement a day, and a minimum $30 donation. This is how The Increase Women raised support to help Water Mission build lifesaving safe water projects around the world.

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But who are The Increase Women? They’re women in and around professional sports living for the increase of Christ. Their name is derived from John 3:30 (ESV), which says, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

Leslee Holliday is married to retired MLB player Matt Holliday. She is a member of The Increase Women and the director of women’s ministry for Pro Athletes Outreach. She explains that The Increase Women creates content and experiences to help women involved in professional sports grow in their faith. They do this through Bible studies, spiritual formation weekends, and even exercising together.

“As women and spouses of pro athletes, we understand how lonely it can be,” she says.

The group they’ve formed helps each woman shift from a “me” perspective to a more community-oriented and globally-focused mindset.

In May, The Increase Women hosted a workout challenge through their Soulful Sweat group to raise money for Water Mission, a Christian engineering nonprofit that builds lifesaving safe water solutions.

As part of this workout challenge, everyone in the Soulful Sweat community was encouraged to be active for 30 minutes every day for 30 days. It could be a walk around the block, a yoga class or a lift session; whatever activity they chose, each woman wanted to move her body. There was even a group chat available for workout suggestions and accountability. To participate, each woman contributed at least $30 to the challenge. All the proceeds will be donated to Water Mission’s work to end the global water crisis.

Danielle Herzlich, the wife of former NFL player Mark Herzlich, is the manager of initiatives for the group. She loves bringing people together to work for a charitable cause. She came up with the idea of a workout challenge to bring awareness to Water Mission and other Christian ministries.

Water Mission designs, builds and implements safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) solutions for people in developing countries, refugee camps and disaster areas. The organization uses innovative technology and engineering expertise to respond to the global water crisis. Sadly, 2 billion people around the world still lack access to safe water, but there is hope. The Water Mission team is working diligently to honor God by developing, implementing and sharing safe water solutions that transform as many lives as possible, as quickly as possible.

“The mission of Water Mission is a natural draw,” Holliday says. “It’s hard to fathom not having safe water.”

In addition to bringing safe water to people in need throughout the world, Water Mission’s vision is that all people have safe water and an opportunity to experience God’s love. Water Mission teams work to share the message of Jesus Christ in the communities they serve through their Living Water program.

The program empowers local church leaders with sound Biblical knowledge and discipleship tools they can share with their congregations. Additionally, it teaches churches how they can enhance community development by serving as advocates for safe water, sanitation and hygiene solutions.

The Living Water program aligns with one of Holliday’s favorite aspects of The Increase Women, which is “being used as a disciple to go make other disciples.”

Water Mission’s work is made possible by the support of groups like The Increase Women and people like you. If you’re interested in mobilizing your community to support safe water solutions across the world, there are a number of ways to get involved with Water Mission. Together, and through the efforts of communities like The Increase Women, we can make a difference with safe water and the Living Water message of Jesus Christ.

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