Summer 2024

What it takes to be a great volleyball player or coach?

What does it take to be a great volleyball player or volleyball coach? That’s the question that was asked to Regis Rangers volleyball coach Joel List.

In Coach List’s first season with the Rangers, he led the team to a 31-4 record, capturing the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) regular season and RMAC tournament title, and an Elite 8 appearance in the Division II NCAA Tournament.

Regis Rangers volleyball head coach Joel List. Photo Courtesy: Regis University

Here are five things he focuses on personally, and tries to instill in his players.

Watch the best, play with the best, study the best.

If you don’t know where your talent lands on the volleyball spectrum, make it a goal to find out. Without direction, you won’t get better.

Be great at defense.

Work on great technique in your digging and passing platform, or blocking in the front row. This includes reading your opponent’s next move—their serve, a setter’s dump or set, or what a hitter is about to do.

Have balance and quickness in all your movements.

Blocking, digging, setting, hitting, serving and passing all require good balance. Then build quickness with weight training and conditioning.

Find an environment that fosters growth to practice, play or coach.

You won’t get better without focus.

Be a great teammate with great character.

Volleyball is a team sport and requires the ability to work with, build up and challenge others. Be accepting to new participants in the sport so we can continue to see the game grow.


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