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OneCoach: Coaches, Contemporaries & Call-ups

“Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 11:1

Throughout my major league career, I had coaches above me, contemporaries beside me and call-ups replacing me. Coaches are the men who have gone through the battle. They are there to instruct, inspire, mentor and help you succeed on and off the field. The good ones see this as a calling and not just a career.

After the game, most baseball players miss the relationships with contemporaries more than the grind on the field. For call-ups, it can be very intimidating being around MLB veterans. But there’s a tradition of veterans taking care of younger players. They teach them how to win on the field, but also how to carry the torch for the next generation.

How does this apply spiritually? We need to have a coach in our life who has been through battles and can guide us through life’s challenges in a Christ-centered way. We need to surround ourselves with contemporaries to live life with, that we can encourage and have fun with along the way. And we need to share the Gospel and pour into a young person who wants to grow in their faith with Christ.

Paul was that coach to Timothy — the young call-up. Barnabas was a contemporary in Paul’s life who always looked out for him and was by his side. Spiritual life can mirror the baseball life if you look for a Paul, live with a Barnabas, and leave what you learned with a Timothy.

– Eddie Taubensee, Director of Baseball Ministries at The Increase

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