Summer 2024

Kirk Cousins Denies Demanding a Trade From the Redskins

Redskins QB Kirk Cousins says he never demanded a trade from the Washington Redskins in a meeting with owner Dan Snyder.

Cousins, who was a guest with ESPN’s Adam Schefter on the “Know Them From Adam” podcast, said he did discuss the future and where he stood with the team but never demanded a move away from Washington.

“I did inquire if there was any interest in trading me to get an understanding of their perspective,” Cousins said. “The answer I got back was Mr. Snyder communicated his belief in me and desire for me to remain a Redskin.”

Cousins said he first heard of his trade demands when a shoe store employee asked him about it while his wife was being fitted for new shoes.

“I laughed and thought, ‘I don’t know where that comes from because that wasn’t the case,'” Cousins told Schefter. “Somehow it got twisted to where an employee of the store is using the word demanded. That’s not the approach I took.”

At the end of the interview, Schefter asked Cousins about being a son of a pastor and the wisdom he receives from his Dad each day. “My Dad is someone who speaks into my life and provides wisdom and counsel almost every day of the year. The advice he gave me growing up, much of it came from the Bible.”

Cousins told Schefter that he’s adopted Proverbs 3:5-6 as his life verse, just as his Dad did many years ago. “I continue to hold to that and not knowing what’s next. I just trust the Lord’s plan for my life and He hasn’t failed me yet.”

You can listen to the entire Kirk Cousins interview with Adam Schefter below.

(PHOTO CREDIT: Keith Allison)