Summer 2024

2-time Super Bowl MVP Terry Bradshaw says brokenness led him to asking Christ into his life

Many NFL fans today see Terry Bradshaw as an NFL analyst on FOX Sports, but before that, he was one of the NFL’s Super Bowl legends, winning four championships and two Super Bowl MVP trophies with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970s.

However, in his post-NFL career, anger, depression and three broken marriages led Bradshaw to a point of brokenness where he needed a savior.

“It wasn’t until 10 years ago, Father’s Day, that I really got saved,” Bradshaw told CBN. “I mean, I had one of those great, wonderful, salvation moments in my life. It was one of those moments that I knew that God’s Spirit had moved into my heart, and into my life and had grabbed and taken control of me, and you know what? I couldn’t, I couldn’t escape it. Because I learned that God forgave me.”

For more on Terry Bradshaw’s faith journey and struggles, click below and watch his interview with CBN.

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