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Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles says reading the Bible and journaling opened his eyes to return to the NFL

Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles is the most popular man in Philadelphia right now. The Eagles quarterback played the game of his life last week in lifting his team to a 41-33 win over the defending champion Patriots in Super Bowl LII. The next day, he was in Orlando at Disney World being honored for his achievement and last Thursday, the week culminated with him and his teammates celebrating at the Super Bowl parade in Philly.

This week, the celebration tour continued as he traveled to Los Angeles to make an appearance on the The Ellen Show with Ellen DeGeneres where he talked about that moment when he almost quit football.

“My wife wrote me a letter and talked about wanting me to go back and play,” Foles told Ellen. “She knew I wasn’t finished yet. She knew I had so much going on in my heart that I had to face my fear basically because it was almost paralyzing to go back and play. And I prayed about it and I realized that the tougher decision, the thing I was more afraid of was to go back and play.”

Foles told DeGeneres that he would have been fine going a different way in life and doing other things with his family and to help other people, but he knew that in order to grow within himself, he needed to face his fear and come back to the NFL.

“There was never an ‘aha’ moment. It was a tough decision and when I took a step in that faith, I still was like, this is going to be tough, I don’t know if it is the right decision. But I did it and it was the fourth day of training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs where all of a sudden, like a veil was lifted and the joy came back into my heart.”

The Eagles quarterback then shared a moment when he began to weep, realizing that he had made the right decision.

“I remember I broke down one morning,” Foles shared. “I was journaling and I always read my Bible in the morning and journal and I remember just crying because I was like, I love the game of football again. But it was a different feel.”

Foles has shared his story of faith in Christ and he’s talked about why the Bible and God’s word have kept him focused on keeping the main thing, the main thing.

“When we take that field, we play for Christ. We give him all the glory,” Foles shared in 2013. “Jesus Christ is the greatest person ever to walk the face of the earth. He’s God.”

You can read more about Foles’ journey and his desire to become a pastor when he’s done playing football by clicking the link below. 

Eagles QB Nick Foles wants to be a pastor whenever he’s done with football

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