Summer 2024

ESPN football analyst Dan Orlovsky responds to social media hate with positivity

Former NFL quarterback and current ESPN football analyst Dan Orlovsky joined a live video chat with Sports Spectrum last week to talk about his faith and how to cover football during a global pandemic.

When the conversation turned to the negative comments he’s faced on social media, Orlovsky shared some insightful thoughts on the positive message he sends in response.

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Watch Orlovsky’s answer below:

“I don’t know what one impact of me responding to somebody who says something nasty [could have],” he said. “What happens if I go to them and be like, ‘Hey man, listen bud, I’m really sorry you feel that way. I hope you’re safe and you’re doing well and your family is good, and my job is to change your mind.'”

Orlovsky said that, often, those who directed negative comments toward him are surprised that he would respond, and that he would respond with a positive message.

“Nine of out 10 times [social media trolls] will come back to me and be like, ‘I can’t even believe you responded to someone like me,'” he said.

Orlovsky, who describes himself as a follower of Jesus on social media, said he tries to see beyond the surface of someone’s anger and understand why they are lashing out to someone they don’t know on Twitter. He summed up his decision to engage on social media by saying he feels an obligation to help them.

“Maybe I can use that one bad moment that they might have and turn it into a good moment,” he said, “and it might change the way that they interact with people.”

“Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone.” — Romans 12:17

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