Football Sunday 2018: Josh McCown on Surrendering your life to God

New York Jets quarterback Josh McCown just finished his 15th season in the NFL, throwing for a career-high 18 touchdowns.

He’s featured in the upcoming “Football Sunday 2018” video, and he talked about what it means to surrender your life to God.

“The word ‘surrender’ often brings up a negative feeling in us because we feel like it means to ‘give up’ or ‘quit.’ But when Jesus said this to the crowd, He understood they were trying to ‘do enough’ to get into the Kingdom of God. Jesus was telling them, ‘You’re trying so hard to measure up that it’s suffocating you. If you just surrender and follow Me, you’ll find a peace beyond understanding.’ Jesus is calling you into a life that may be different from what you thought might satisfy you, but ultimately it will bring you peace.”

See what else Josh McCown has to say about surrendering to God here, as we get you ready for Football Sunday 2018.

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