Summer 2024

Daily Devotional - Wednesday May 24, 2017

He must become greater. I must become less.” – John 3:30

The Increase

Five years ago, I began a wonderful tradition of going on baseball stadium tours with a few friends of mine. Our first trip took us out to Kansas City to see Kauffman Stadium, and the Texas Rangers were in town taking on the Royals.

It just so happened that the night we were in Kansas City was “Faith and Family Night.” In addition to a great mini-concert by Building 429, we were treated to a few player testimonies. One of the speakers that night was Josh Hamilton.

In case you are not familiar with Josh’s story, he has battled drug and alcohol addiction throughout his career. It is still a struggle in his life, and while his career appears to be nearing its end, he has always tried to use his story to point others to God. His message in Kansas City that night was simple. He must become greater. I must become less. (John 3:30 NIV)

This familiar passage is one I think we often have trouble balancing. I believe we put the majority of our focus on the first statement. Of course He should become greater. We can and should pray more, read more, and try to make God an even bigger part of our lives each day.

But the last part, especially in the midst of becoming a baseball star, is what changed Josh’s life. I must become less. I must sacrifice. I need to give up what I want for what He wants. I should actively make myself less important so that God’s love is all that people see when they look at me.

If we truly seek Jesus Christ and try to make our lives like Him, we must become less important. If we want to do more for God’s Kingdom, we must be willing to give up our own dreams and desires. If we really want Him to increase in this world, we must all be ready to decrease.  Are you ready?

Jamie Boggs