Summer 2024

Christians Working in Sports Conference aims to equip, encourage the sports industry

Christians from all across collegiate and professional athletics will be gathering in Minneapolis on June 23 and 24 for the first-ever Christians Working in Sports Conference. The event is being organized by Uncommon Sports Group, which was founded by Drew Boe in 2013.

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It will feature a variety of speakers and panelists, including Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac, NFL agent Kelli Masters, bestselling author Jon Gordon and Sports Spectrum Director of Media Jason Romano.

For the past decade, USG has walked alongside Christians in the sports industry to help them grow in their faith and navigate the challenges that come with being a Christian in sports. Boe says God has impressed two realities on his heart since USG was founded:

1) There are so many Christians working throughout college and pro sports who often feel like they are the only Christian working in this industry.

2) A career in the sports industry is way too challenging to do alone.

The goal of the conference is to connect attendees with brothers and sisters in Christ working in sports while encouraging and equipping them to live out their faith as they continue their professional careers.

Boe expects that people will come to the conference for a variety of reasons. Some may be drawn to the fellowship aspect while others could be looking for a way to reconnect with God.

“I understand a lot of people are simply seeking fellowship with other Christians who are navigating similar pressures and challenges as themselves,” he told Sports Spectrum. “Others might be lukewarm in their faith right now, but the Lord has led them to sign up and be reminded of who God is, and His purpose for their life.”

Boe says Christians with careers in sports face unique difficulties. Many of them feel isolated as Christ-followers in the industry and find it challenging to build a local community of believers because of their work schedule.

So Boe is looking forward to all the ways God will lead people to the conference and the spiritual growth that will take place.

“I cannot wait to see the different ways the Lord works throughout this event as the speakers teach His Word and we worship Him,” he said. “With a group of this size, people will be coming into the event for different reasons.”

Tickets for the event can be purchased on USG’s website. Registration will close once the conference reaches capacity.

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