Summer 2024

Buffalo Bills Lorenzo Alexander helps 57 kids get school supplies

The number 57 has a special meaning to Buffalo Bills Pro Bowl linebacker Lorenzo Alexander, and now, that number has a great value to the Buffalo community as well.

On Monday, an off day for the Bills, Alexander took 57 Buffalo kids to Walmart to help provide them with school supplies needed for the upcoming year.

“The purpose of the back to school giveaway is to ensure the students served today are prepared and confident as they go back to school,” Alexander told Sports Spectrum. “Every single one of these students have great potential and ability to do great things in this world and all I want to do is be a resource in their journey.”

The Pro Bowl linebacker was also pictured with the South Park High School Football team, helping them with school supplies as well. It’s just one way Alexander sees himself as a man giving back and helping build the future of the youth.

“I’m a product of ‘it takes a village’ and without countless people throughout my life, even now, I wouldn’t be the person I am today,” Alexander said. “I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to use the NFL as a platform to enhance my Foundation initiatives of pouring into our young people and will continue to do so even pass my playing days because that’s what I’ve been called to do.”

Giving back for Alexander has a greater meaning. It’s a way to lead others to Christ.

“Being able to pour into another person as a mentor is probably the most meaningful thing you can do in your life, Alexander said to Lead Em’ “Our ability and experiences weren’t meant just for us, but to be shared with others, to make them better and ultimately lead them to Christ.

Last year, Lorenzo had a phenomenal season with a career best 12.5 sacks, good for 3rd in the NFL.

The 13-year veteran and his Buffalo Bills begin the regular season on September 10 at home against the New York Jets.