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Football Sunday 2018: Matt Forte on Serving God

New York Jets running back Matt Forte has been one of the best consistent threats out of the backfield in his 10 seasons in the NFL. He’s ran for 9,796 yards and 4,672 receiving yards in his career.

He’s featured in the upcoming video “Football Sunday 2018” where he talked about how he serves his teammates and tells them about his faith in Jesus Christ in the locker room.

“Jesus’ first commission is to make disciples of all nations, and what better place is there to do that than the locker room? Here, there are men from all walks of life whose ears are just itching for God’s Word! When you’re walking in Christ and seeking Him first, your teammates will notice that something’s different about you; they’ll start to ask you about the choices you make. The best way to serve those around you is to show them the love of Christ by the way you live your life. I wouldn’t be serving my teammates if I kept the gift of Christ’s salvation from them.”

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