Summer 2024

Michael Vick: 'Keeping God first, you can see life in a different frame'

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks have long been touted not only for their production on the field but for their faith off it, as both 2017 MVP candidate Carson Wentz and Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles are advocates for “demonstrating God’s love.”

It turns out that a big-name Eagles quarterback who came before both Wentz and Foles also prides himself in prioritizing God.

That would be Michael Vick.

The retired four-time Pro Bowler, who started for the Eagles from 2010-2013 before giving way to Foles, said in a recent phone call about his new football ventures — including the American Flag Football League and Alliance of American Football — that God ultimately reigns supreme in his life.

“Keeping God first,” he said, “you can see life in a different frame.”

Noting that he is “too blessed” because of the family and football career that’s headlined his life, Vick said his own re-framed perspective involves an understanding that, regardless of his achievements on the field, his Christian walk takes precedence over all. That’s in part, he added, due to his relationship with Foles.

“Nick actually helped me with that,” he said, “showing me how we can make our lives better by making certain choices. (He was younger), so regardless of your age, you can listen to any words of wisdom, including keeping God first.”

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