Summer 2024

Stefano “Verbo” Di Salvo - It's Not About You

I didn’t celebrate when I was initially presented with the opportunity to share my faith in a film created by my team. Instead, I found myself wondering if this was the right time to be open about a huge part of who I am and what drives me each day.

What would my teammates think of me? What would fans think of me? How would I deal with the backlash that I assumed would follow? How would all that impact my in-game performance?

Then God reminded me: It’s not about you.

I came into esports thinking I was going to be used to share His glory by being a top player and someone well-known within the gaming community. As I started to struggle, I began to feel as if I’m failing God by not being a starter, or not performing well in the Overwatch League.

Then God reminded me: It’s not about you.

It has taken time for me to truly understand that part of God’s plan includes having me struggle and grow through hard times as preparation for what He wants me to do next. He takes me low so He can launch me high.

Even though I’m not currently playing on the main stage, I’m being used to spread God’s glory in other ways. After the first video was published, God opened new doors of purpose and opportunity so that I can be His disciple the way He has planned. Youth groups have welcomed me and allowed me to share my testimony. My team, the Los Angeles Valiant, continues to film my journey, and works hard to find opportunities for me to share my love for Jesus. I’m writing for a site I’ve found inspiration from as a fan. I am humbled by this experience.

Honestly, if I was soaring with in my career, winning all the time, and soaking up the spotlight, I would continue to feel as if I can do it all on my own and don’t really need God. But He wants me to realize it’s Him making everything happen.

Because it’s not about me.

Stefano “Verbo” Di Salvo

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