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THE INCREASE: The Unknowns of a New Season – Chris Maragos

Recovery from season-ending knee surgery has been slow but good. I’ve finally been cleared to start my running progressions and pool training, but I still have a long way to go before I’m as good as new. But if I stay on track and continue to do what I need to do, I’ll be ready to start by the beginning of the 2018 season.

Being injured is definitely something I’m not used to. With recovery, there are a lot of unknowns with each new phase. I want to know when I can start doing certain activities, how well I’m progressing, when I need to lay low, etc. Taking my time to get well and prepare for next season has been a new process for me, and a humbling one.

Next season will be different for our team. Probably the hardest aspect of the NFL is how transient the business is. The longer you play, the more you realize that the guys you play with now, and those who you become the closest with, are not necessarily those you will play next to in the years ahead. But we have to remember, God doesn’t make mistakes with where He places you. Neither does He make mistakes with what teammates He places beside you.

As I come back to compete this year, I’m coming back with a new perspective. I had taken this year to really evaluate things in a new way. You see things from a different viewpoint from the sideline. I was able to appreciate the game in a fresh way last season. As I prepare for the upcoming season, I will put my best foot forward, take account of what I observed from last year, and seek to plan, lead and compete to the best of my ability.

It’s challenging to think about starting from square one next season. Our team is coming off a huge Super Bowl win, but come next season, we are back at the start with every other team in the league. But as athletes, this is what most excites us. As champions, we now understand just how difficult it is to take home the title. As we put time, effort and commitment into reaching our goal, we faced many challenges and struggles along the way.

Every previous season offers lessons to take with you for the next, and every upcoming season presents new challenges to be faced.

— Chris Maragos, Philadelphia Eagles safety

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