Summer 2024

THE INCREASE: Chris Maragos - Be Still

Just be still.

This is the message God’s been hammering into my heart for the past few months. After the Super Bowl win, we were all pulled in a lot of different directions. We had countless requests coming in, wanting our time and devotion, and while many of these were good things, we had to learn what we could and couldn’t say yes to. With all the exposure and excitement, people wanted to hear from us. We were able to magnify God’s message and what He’s done in our lives on a much greater scale!

Having said that, there are certain things worth investing time into and certain things I have to say no to, both for the betterment of my career and my family’s well-being. As my wife always says, “Every time you say ‘yes’ to something, you are saying ‘no’ to something else.” She’s right. God calls us first to serve Him and minister for His Kingdom, then to take care of our families.

Everywhere we go people get excited. We experience everyone’s best as they encourage us and tell us just how great they think we are. I’m thankful for this and truly do appreciate it; it’s a blessing. But God’s Word also tells us that we are to think of ourselves with sober judgment (Romans 12:3). We can’t get comfortable or complacent. Yes, we just won the Super Bowl, but we have a whole set of new challenges and lessons to be learned moving forward. The only way for me to truly stay grounded and remain teachable is to make sure I stay in God’s Word and pay attention to what He’s teaching me.

The NFL is a very humbling league. You can be on top one minute and then back at the bottom of the barrel the next. It’s the same spiritually. No matter where we think we are in our walk with the Lord — whether we feel like we’re floundering or we think we’re doing really well — we need to stay fixed on God to make sure we’re continually growing in our faith. No matter how strong I think I am in my faith today, it’s imperative for me to put the Lord first, remain teachable, and keep my eyes focused on Him.

Having a Godly wife helps me keep my eyes fixed on Christ. Serah is my best friend; she speaks a lot of truth into my life. Especially in the craziness of the season, when I don’t have time to focus on much more than my career and my family, she pours into me, making sure I’m remaining close to Christ.

I’ve found your family reveals a lot about who you are and what your priorities are. Yes, I’m a Super Bowl champ, but when I come home, I’m Dad, I’m a husband and I’m a servant. I’m not above folding laundry or helping around the house. I’m a hero to my kids, not because I won a trophy, but because I’m their dad. As much as I may be tempted to think it’s all about me, it’s not.

During this season God has been calling me to be still and rest in Him, to truly know what it means to be filled by His strength and presence for each moment. Only then will I be able to hear His voice and learn what it is He’s teaching me today.

Chris Maragos, Philadelphia Eagles safety

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