Summer 2024

THE INCREASE: Matthew Boyd - Exuding Endless Love

When I think about my mom, the first thing I think of is endless love. There was no limitation to it; it was boundless. My mom was always there for me and my younger sister, never ceasing to be selfless beyond belief. She was willing to do anything at the drop of a hat for us, driving us to soccer or baseball practice, school, or wherever we needed to be. Whenever anyone needed something, her needs were left far behind.

While working her real estate job to help support our family and raise two kids, she always made sure she was home when we arrived back from school in the afternoons. And as much as she could, she made sure to be there for us in the mornings to see us off to school. She did it all with a positive attitude. I never saw my mom stressed out or mad, though I’m sure there were plenty of times she felt that way.

Instead, she chose to do all things out of love, with patience and peace. She never seemed to do anything while viewing it as a burden. She’d wear a smile while making us meals, even after coming off of the busiest day. Without considering how eventful or busy her day was, she cared about everything that happened in our days, no matter how small those things might have been.

My mom was the anchor of our family, and she did this by living in the peace of Christ, being present where He placed her. She sacrificed for us in so many ways — ways I didn’t fully realize until I was older and had a child of my own. I think when I was younger, I took all these things for granted, but now, what she did for us does not go unnoticed. As I kid I looked up to her, she was my superhero. She always made everything better. I just hope I have the same impact on my own children.

Now that I have an infant daughter of my own, I realize all the sacrifices she made for us while we were growing up. Having a baby requires you to put your needs aside and fully care for them. I hope I can exude the same values and love to my kids that my mom did for me. Because of her, I understood the importance of hard work and persistence, while also understanding the value of relationships. She truly did exude God’s love, mercy and kindness to everyone she came in contact with. That is a gift.

Watching my wife step into motherhood within the past year has been incredible; she’s done it so seamlessly! I thought she was a rockstar before we had a child, but now watching her with our daughter is simply amazing. She handles every situation with such grace and peace, always acting in love.

Not only is she acting as somewhat of a single mom while I’m competing on the road, she is also starting a non-profit that is rescuing girls from the sex trade in Uganda. She does all of this with joy, always wearing a smile on her face when I come home. That, to me, speaks to how much of her life she gives to the Lord, depending on His strength and grace.

I’m blessed to have such a great mom and mother to my child. I love them both dearly and can’t wait to celebrate them this Mother’s Day!

Matthew Boyd, Detroit Tigers pitcher

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