THE INCREASE: Steve Sisco - Focus

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.” — Philippians 2:3

Statutes, commandments, rules, laws, decrees — we see these words in Scripture quite a bit. They can be uncomfortable to read at times, especially when we understand God is asking us to walk in them. When I ask my kids to clean their rooms, I get an eye roll and a sigh. And even though they clean up, it does not please me. But they obeyed right? I have shared with them that when they are asked to follow my rules, it is not just about the rule itself, but the rule giver.

I would like their obedience to come from a place of love and respect, not because there may be some reward or consequence. In the same way, when the Spirit prompts us, or when the Word of God flat out tells us, we need to move in obedience. It is the relationship that should move us, not the task.

Why serve? Others benefit. Why go? Others need to see the love of Christ. Why persevere? Others need to see God working in you and through you to overcome hardships and temptation. Why obey? Our loving Father has asked it of us.

When we have others in focus, it is easier to walk in obedience. When we have God in focus, we will agree with the psalmist: “With my whole heart I seek You; let me not wander from Your commandments!” (Psalm 119:10).

Steve Sisco, Director of Baseball Chapel

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