Summer 2024

THE INCREASE: Daniel Norris - Built Up

This season started out a little differently from what I hoped or expected. I began spring training slightly injured, so they took it slow with me. Right now, though I’m in the bullpen and technically a starting pitcher, I haven’t pitched too many games. The first game I pitched was in Chicago and it was bitterly cold, but more than anything I was really glad I could be out there on the mound. And even though I haven’t started as many games as I would have liked, I am thankful to be on this team and able to help in any way I can.

The pitchers on our team have a really good connection with each other. We help each other get better, watch each other’s bullpen practice, and encourage each other. But we’re also competing against each other to be the best. Though this may be a tricky balance at times, I never want any one of my teammates to do bad. The better they do, the better I have to do to stand out even more. That’s what drives us. Ultimately as a team, we want to win ball games, so each one of us has to be locked in at all times.

We went into this season a young team. We’re rebuilding and no one really expected us to do well this year. Though we’ve lost a handful of games so far, a lot of them have only been by one run or so. This obviously shows that we have a strong team and we’re playing good baseball, though at the end of the day we haven’t always had the outcome we’ve hoped for.

Every morning as I begin my day, I have a fellowship breakfast with one of my teammates and fellow pitchers, Michael Fulmer. We spend this time reading our Bibles, journaling and praying. We talk with each other about what we’re learning and what God’s doing in our lives. It’s great to be locked in, growing in both our relationships with God and our friendship with each other.

For those of us on our team who are locked into our faith in Jesus Christ, we’re able to encourage each other. We all know what each person on our team is going through, so we’re the best people to help each other out with that. Having men who are of the same mind and heart as you are is really special. When someone is having a bad game, you can be there to pick them up, and likewise, you know they will be there for you.

Regardless of my circumstances, I pray for peace. I want to continue to grow closer to God, knowing that all things work out for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). Understanding this and holding onto this truth never fails to bring me peace.

— Daniel Norris, Detroit Tigers pitcher

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