THE INCREASE: Victor Black — Our Provider

“And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin.” — Matthew 6:28 (ESV)

I have read this passage in Matthew so many times but am still amazed at the truths the Lord reveals. Anxiety is most often spoken about in these beautiful words of our Savior. We ought not be concerned with the pursuits and concerns of the “Gentiles” since it is our Father who knows that we need clothing, food and provision.

I believe this is a great lesson and one that is necessary to understand, but I also think it is equally as difficult to implement daily in one’s walk with Christ. But it is this exact verse that brought a new thought into my mind and spoke to my heart.

“Consider the lilies and how they grow.” Basically, take careful notice to all that takes place in order for a flower of the field to take root, sprout and bloom. Each seed holds the potential of a flower, but will only grow if it finds fertile soil, plenty of water and sunlight. These are the provisions a lily needs in order to grow and bloom.

Since we know this to be true, I wish to ask you two questions. These questions helped bring the dependence I have on God into a much clearer and more realistic understanding:

1) Can a lily uproot itself and move into the light of the sun?
2) Is a lily able to cause the clouds to form and bring forth rain?

I hope we are all on the same page when I tell you the answer to these questions is a resounding NO. A flower can in no way cause light to shine or water to come springing forth. The lily is completely dependent on whether the sun will rise after night, and that clouds will bring it rain.

What about us, as people, traversing life and seeking fulfillment from God? The beauty in our dependence is that it requires a step of faith. Faith is one thing a plant cannot have. We, through the Holy Spirit, are given faith to walk by the Word of God and believe His truths.

I do not know where you are at, or what it is that you are believing in for provision, but I do know that as Matthew says, He already knows that we need those things. We only need to seek first His Kingdom and all else will be given unto us.

Whether you are a lily or a sequoia tree, God will give all that is needed in your blossoming. Abide in Him deeply and daily. His love is ever sufficient and aboundingly limitless for all.

— Victor Black, professional pitcher

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