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Tim Tebow says departure from NFL was a 'come-to-Jesus moment'

Tim Tebow’s professional sports career has been well documented by now.

The former first-round NFL draft pick, who began his pro career as a comeback artist with the Denver Broncos, was short-lived as a starting quarterback. Quickly replaced by Peyton Manning, the former Florida Gators star soon found himself playing a different position with the New York Jets. And before long, he was out of the league, ushered into the broadcasting booth after brief backup stints with the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

The 31-year-old Tebow has since revived his pro career in more ways than one. A Double-A All-Star playing outfield in the New York Mets organization this summer, he’s also executive producing an upcoming sports movie starring an actor from “Forrest Gump.”

Yet the NFL quarterback-turned-aspiring MLB prospect still reflects on his departure from football as a turning point in his life. Tebow has always been outspoken about his Christian faith, famously giving credit to God and donning “John 3:16” apparel in college, but he writes in his new book, “This Is The Day” (released Sept. 25), that his transition away from a high-expectations NFL career was “a come-to-Jesus moment.”

It took trust in God, he recounts, to move forward. He may already have been known as an athlete synonymous with commitment to Jesus, but it was the disappointment of a path away from football that may have strengthened that commitment more than ever.

A tireless advocate for both his faith and the community service it inspires, Tebow explores more of his story and shares about prioritizing people and purpose in life in “This Is The Day: Reclaim Your Dream. Ignite Your Passion. Live Your Purpose.” The book is available online and at all major bookstores:

Beyond Tim Tebow’s exploits as a Heisman-winning football player, he is widely known and respected for his exemplary character and personal excellence, which have made him a role model for millions. When Tim interacts with the public, he often encounters people who feel “stuck” — unable to take action on matters ranging from daily life to pursuing lifelong dreams. In response, Tim often identifies a crippling fear or lack of courage, to which he advises: “Now is the time to take some risks, to quiet the voices of defeat, to step forward and make a mark, because this is the day.” In this inspiring, motivational book, readers will receive the advice and encouragement to daily move from “pause” to “play” in finding deeper meaning and success. Tim illustrates the book’s themes with stories from his personal life that will delight all readers, including his an update on his dream pursuit of a baseball career.

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