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How the 2021 Ryder Cup helped raise awareness about the global water crisis

Every two years, fans from Europe and the United States gear up for one of the most-highly contested golf tournaments: the Ryder Cup. This exciting event is always hosted in the early fall and draws thousands of in-person spectators, as even more tune in to watch on television.

This year’s event took place at Whistling Straits in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and attendees and community members in the area had the opportunity to experience a range of activities that coincided with the tournament, including an immersive experience about the global water crisis. Hosted by the Global Water Center, the Mobile Discovery Center raises awareness about this crisis that impacts more than 2.2 billion people worldwide.

global water crisis

Global Water Center’s Mobile Discovery Center at the Ryder Cup, Sept. 24, 2021. (Photo courtesy of Water Mission)

Raising Awareness

The Global Water Center is a new nonprofit started by Water Mission. Both organizations aim to bring the number of people affected by the global water crisis from 2.2 billion to zero.

“By bringing together organizations, governments, and advocates like you to foster collaboration and multiply impact, we can collectively end the global water crisis,” says Dr. George C. Greene III, executive chair of the Global Water Center and Water Mission.

Through this initiative, the Global Water Center launched the Mobile Discovery Center. This traveling exhibit provides an experiential journey, educating visitors about the world’s global water crisis and inspiring them to become advocates for safe water. Educational and fun, this traveling experience is appropriate for all ages and free to experience.

Over the past year, this free exhibit has been touring around the country. Its recent stop near the Ryder Cup had nearly 2,600 people attend. While visiting, people were immersed in real people’s stories told via interactive exhibits, augmented reality, and RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology. Through this experience, they learned about the importance of safe water.

Visitors heard how, for 2.2 billion people around the world, the only available water is far away and often dangerous to use.

“Children suffering from water-related illnesses are too sick to attend school or enjoy their childhoods,” explained Scott Linebrink, a former MLB pitcher who’s now a Water Mission partnerships director, and host of the “Get in the Game” podcast. “But all that changes with access to safe water solutions, such as those Water Mission builds in developing countries, refugee camps and disaster areas. When kids have safe water, they can get an education, be healthy, play sports with their friends, and thrive.”

Learn more about the Global Water Center and Water Mission

With the Global Water Center’s Mobile Discovery Center in the area during this year’s Ryder Cup, more people had an opportunity to experience how God is using these organizations to further His Kingdom. But you don’t need to visit the Mobile Discovery Center to learn more — or make a difference. Visit the Global Water Center website today. Then, discover how you can change lives through safe water with Water Mission!

For more about the vision of the Global Water Center, check out this video.

Acadia Munari is a freelance writer for Water Mission.

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