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In the News -- Tim Tebow

New England Patriots MinicampTim Tebow may have only said three words, but it still made national news.

It’s no surprise, really. It’s Tim Tebow.

After struggling in his first preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles, going 4 for 12 for 55 yards, Washington Post reporter Kent Babb tweeted from the Patriots locker room after the game:

“In the Pats locker room, a camera guy has a mishap and yells, ‘Jesus Christ!’ Tebow, in earshot, looks at the guy and says: ‘He loves you.’”

On Aug. 9, the tweet had 3,278 retweets and 1,104 favorites. “I promise that Tebow tweet was 100 percent true,” Babb tweeted five minutes later.

Tebow’s response to the cameraman was light, witty, and comical. It also shows where Tebow’s mind is, even after a poor performance.

And that’s something we can all learn from.

By Stephen Copeland

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